accelerating the future of the crypto music economy


web3 music DAO
helping artists achieve their creative and economic sovereignty

goal #01.

information is freedom

share knowledge about Web3 Music, NFTs, Social Tokens and the power of Blockchainprovide tools and new possibilities for music creators to participate fairly in the global economy

goal #02.

community as a marketplace DAO

create a Digital Music Nation (DAO, Decentralized Autonomous Organization) where artists (nodes) can collaborate with each other to create more music and art into the worlda self-sustaining economic network without physical frontiers to exchange goods, services, resources and knowledge between independent music buildersunite anglo and hispanic creators

goal #03.

economic freedom

the $BEAT token (beatcoinmusic.eth) operates as a mean of exchange, communication and music collaboration, as a tool of sovereignty and commitment, as a symbol of belonging to the communityblockchain works there where data needs to be shared, traced and certified


we are builders

musicians, devs, record labels, managers, visual artists, designers, producers, illustrators, crypto freaks, data scientists,
dreamers, imagine all the things we can create together

founded by FΞR

get ready

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